Wonderland – In Memorium

This evening marks the 24th anniversary since the Wonderland murders. On this night, those many years ago, it would be the last evening four of the five people would ever spend here on earth. Everything was going to be great according to John when he left to go out that night, but we all know it didn’t turn out that way. Those four people never woke to see the sunrise again. All for what? A high?

I spoke to Sharon, to let her know I love her and hope she can sleep tonight. “I’ll be fine”, she tells me. But she can never sleep on this night, so I know she’ll be anything but fine. She will always be disgusted at the way John was involved, how he played a part in murder.

Thanks to Laura who made a comment here about how important it is to remember that the Wonderland gang, although very disturbed, were people too. That not only were their lives lost, but their families have had to endure terrible pain.

To Susan Launius who was left with the terrible wreckage of tragedy, may a world full of peace and blessings be yours.


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  1. Rodger Jacobs Says:

    In conducting additional research on the killings for my book, I discovered a dynamic that certainly affected the events.

    Ron Launius was an intensely dangerous man. At the time of his death, police investigators throughout the state (but mostly in the Sacarmento region) had 27 open homicide cases that they were certain could be traced to Ron’s doorstep. He was a true mercenary gunman who hired himself out to anybody.

    Launius was a man who would have been immune to John’s considerable charms and river of BS. It’s even fair to assert, from what I have learned, that Ron was far more dangerous than Eddie Nash. This dynamic would have put John in one hell of a double bind.

    In any event, my thoughts on thsi day go out to Susan Launius, Sharon, and Dawn.

    Barbara Lee Richardson, October 17, 1958 – July1, 1981
    Ronald Lee Launius, May 18, 1944 – July 1, 1981
    Joy Audrey Miller, May 14, 1935 – July 1, 1981
    William Ray Deverell – February 14, 1937 – July 1, 1981

  2. Shanna Says:

    After reading that comment, I have just realized that the murders actually happened only 5 days before I was born. And I only found out about them a couple of months or so ago when I first saw the movie.

  3. Laura Says:

    Dawn, I agree with you about was it worth it, all that happened? For being high on drugs? No it wasn’t, as you said. With the drugs comes a way of life where death is always a very near possibility. Susan Launius has truly been through horror and I hope also she is well and happy. I’m glad Sharon is doing well. We need to remember that no matter what kind of lives victims of crimes lead, their families and friends are not them and most likely are very hurt and frustrated by their loved ones being on drugs. Thanks for listening.

  4. Kari Says:


    I saw the movie Wonderland last night and I just have to say that you are an inspiration to all women. You overcame an abusive relationship with a man you loved and managed to survive it all. Because I believe, in your innocence, you loved this man and no one can blame you for wanting to be loved. (Kate Bosworth portrayed a great performance!) I applaud you for your bravery and endurance through your whole ordeal with John Holmes. I am happy for you and the peace you have finally found within you and your beautiful daughter. May you continue to do so….
    To those people who died that fateful night 24 years ago so violently, I hope they found the peace they had longed for while on this earth.
    Sharon and Susan, you deserve the admiration from all of us for the trials you have endured. Only the strong survive and live to tell the truth…

  5. Angeline Says:

    Dawn, hope you and your family had a Happy July 4th and remember my thoughts and prayers are with all of you involved in the whole Wonderland tragedy. Take care.

  6. serena Says:

    Hi again.I’m sure someone or myself has asked you this but i couldn’t remember so i’m sorry if this is a repeat question.I know you said that susan is okay,but do you have contact with her?Also does she have anything to say about what happened,is she speaking out to try to help like you do?I just wonder because she is one woman who in my mind is very strong too.I’m just very curious about her and how her life turned out from all of this.Also i would just again like to say thanks for all you do because you sure have helped me and made me feel that life is out there you just have to find it all again after such darkness.You’re a great person!

  7. Steve DiKapistrano Says:

    I saw the movie for the second time this fourth of July (I saw it the first time last July). I also went up to the house when I was visiting my friend in LA last month. I thought there was such beauty in the movie amidst the violence and drugs; primarily in the interactions of John with Sharon and Sharon with Dawn. Much peace to Dawn and Sharon. On an semi-unrelated note, I was wondering where to find photos of the actual people living in the Wonderland house?

  8. John Sanchez Says:

    Was Tom Lang responsible for bringing you and Sharon together with Lions Gate to Produce this movie? How were they able to contact David Lind in the witness protection program to pay him for his story rights? This movie seemed as if it were taken from Tom Lang’s book about the Wonderland Murders?

  9. Ara Says:


    I would just like to know what happened to Susan Launius. I know she is the only victim that barely survived the Wonderland Murders. Is she still alive? Did she suffer any permanent injuries? Any info on her would be great. Thanks!

  10. Printess Says:

    Hello! I was wondering what everyone else is wondering, what ever happened Susan Launius and David Lind? I would really love to know. Thanks!

  11. Allison Says:

    Hi Dawn,

    I watched Wonderland for the first time when it was on HBO about a year ago. Being a history buff and having a love for true crime stories, I was surprised that I had never heard of the Wonderland murders or the “four on the floor” murders. After watching the movie I went out and bought it and it has become one of my favorite movies. Not because of the sadness or the negative aspect of the story, but the fact that it offers those whom listen a lesson in life.
    Honestly I feel a bit silly saying this to you as I am only 25 years old (13 months old to the day that the murders took place), I applaud your courage to tell your story. I’ve known others whom have experience similar situation of abuse and drugs that chose to stick their heads in the sand. Not that they are not brave, but ignoring what happened doesn’t help others to learn from their misfortune.
    I wish you all the luck with your book and I can’t wait to buy it when it comes out.

    P.S…I too would like to know what happened to Susan Launius and David Lind? Where ever life has taken them, I hope that they are happy and doing well.

  12. SuEllen Says:

    I agree no one should of died a tragic death like that. No matter who they were. They were still human. You are a very stong woman. I am happy you and sharon found peace. I think its real good you and sharon are so close. You guys needed someone and you guys both understand what it was like to fo through it. I would like To know what ever happend to david lind and susan launius? I wish you and your family the best in life. god bless

  13. printess Says:


  14. Nicole Says:

    David Lind died of heroin in I think 95′. I don’t blame Susan if she wants to leave the nightmares of Wonderland behind her. God bless her for her courage.

  15. Dylan Tyler Says:

    David Lind died of a Heroin Overdose on November 16, 1995 in Eureka, California.

  16. Franklin Says:

    stupid question but . . . any idea about why the wonderland gang didn’t kill eddie nash when they had the chance. daddy always said, boy if you point a gun at a man kill him or you’ll die later. daddy was right about 90% of the time whenever he started a sentence to me with the word “boy”.

  17. Franklin Says:

    by the way, i found this site by googling the name “eddie nash” after reading about the wonderland gang online and wanting to know more. i had no idea you were THE Dawn i’d been reading about. i’m very very glad to know things turned out well for you. you look great *s* talk about inspiring stories. happy to see that you and yours are doing well.

  18. Tonja Earles Says:

    Just goes to show what kind of life awaits those who chase nothing but drugs…combine that with stealing to support that habit and Your life becomes that of a gutter rat.

    I hope that all young people who watched Wonderland will please realize that drugs are ALWAYS a dead end. The few minutes you get from being high is not worth the devastation of or the end of your life.

    I am glad that Dawn finally woke up and got away from that sh!t. Such a tragedy for Susan Launius. She has to live with horrible injuries for the rest of her life. All because she wanted to get high. Where ever she is, I really do wish the best for her.

    If you are thinking about getting into drugs or already have, watch Wonderland again.

  19. Carol Says:

    Like everyone else that really watched the movie, I am fascinated and repelled by the story. I didn’t get to it until lately, when it was showed on HBO, and I’ve been compelled to research it ever since. I’m trying to find real pictures of Ron Launius, David Lind, Susan Launius, Bill Deverell and Barbara Richardson. Anybody got any suggestions?

  20. Dave Says:

    I was an LA Cop assigned to North Hollywood in 1981. I arrested Ron Launius a few weeks before he was killed. I was also present when Eddie Nash was arrested at his house. I’ll never forget my distant connection to this strange and sad case.

  21. tamara Says:

    I never had a desire to see the movie Wonderland but I woke up in the middle of the night and it was on so I watched it. I could not go to sleep afterward. I was so very upset that no one was punished for this horrible, horrible crime. I know that drugs can cause so many bad things to happen but this whole story truly troubles me. I don’t know if these three women ( Sharon,Dawn,and Susan) will ever see this but I have a tremendous amount of respect for your will to survive what would have destroyed many.

  22. Paige Says:

    I saw Wonderland recently and couldn’t sleep for a few days. It was so disturbing, but I couldn’t stop watching. For Dawn and the others, glad you are alive to tell the story! I have also been compelled to research the real events, like a person who posted before. I am also looking for real pictures of Ron, David, Susan, etc… anyone with info??

  23. KIm Says:

    I want to read “Four on the Floor”, and the book Dawn wrote that they mention at the end of the DVD. But I cant seem to find them and I dont know the name of Dawns book. Could you help me??????

  24. glo Says:

    Dawn’s book hasn’t been published, yet.

  25. Stephanie Says:

    there are pictures of the whole wonderland gang on the dvd,second disc,not susan though.i want to know what she looks like too.when is your book coming out dawn?wishing everybody a safe and blessed memorial day

  26. Carol Says:

    If you go to photobucket.com there are pictures there of the real Wonderland people, Ron, Billy, Joy, Dawn, John Holmes, and David Lind.

  27. Kim Says:

    Why Is the book “Four on the Floor” by Robert Souza and Tom Lange impossible to find?? And when will Dawns book be out and what will the title be???? I want to read them VERY much!

  28. Andy Says:

    On this, the 25th anniversary of Wonderland, I would just like to thank you for your courage to continue with a web site that has to do with a difficult part of your life. It cant be easy discussing some of the things that are brought up here but you always reply no matter what. Once again thank you and may god bless you.

  29. Laura Says:

    My thought and prayers are for the family/friends of the Wonderland victims today. The anniversary of a murder is always very hard to deal with and I hope they get through today OK.

  30. brandi c. Says:

    I also want to extend my sympathy and prayers to Dawn, Sharon H. , Susan L. (wherever she may be today) and wish you all Godspeed on this 25th anniversary of an awful life altering event. And to the family and friend of the 4 people who lost their lives 25 years ago this weekend. Let us not forget that although flawed, confused, dangerous and technically criminals, the Wonderland gang did not deserve to meet with the horrific fate that bestowed them so many years ago. These people were obviously struggling with some serious problems in their lives and their pasts to have found themselves living the drug and crime ridden life that ultimately cost them their lives. They were human beings with mothers, fathers,sisters and brothers. And though many of their action were illegal and deplorable, it is not the job of any man to decide the fate of another. Also I am patiently awating the release of Dawns book. Ive been looking forward to it ever since I saw the movie when it first came out. When will it be available?

  31. Joseph Says:

    Wonderland is a great metaphor about how evil ends up destroying itself. There was absolutely no conscience to guide these people’s actions. It reminds me of the movie Casino in its self destuctiveness. Anyone who was a fan of Wonderland might also enjoy the movie Requiem to a Dream, with its powerful antidrug theme.

  32. Shiloh Says:

    I wanted to post here because I could have been at that house,Eddie’s,on that night. I was working at the Starwood,and was asked if I wanted to go up there. I had always been afraid of Eddie,and only worked around Gary Fontinell for that reason,..so I said no,respectively. I was never so glad that I didnt go to the Canyon than I was after that night. I am afraid to see the movie Wonderland because it haunts me already,to this day. If Dawn reads this,…never mind. Just never mind,..I still get sick with the thought.

  33. Chris Says:

    I went to photobucket.com, no luck with Wonderland gang, what search terms do you use?

  34. GEORGE P. Says:


  35. Ashley Says:

    Ive seen his porns, ive seen the interviews, the footage of him, & the movie. To everyone , John Holmes was a sick man, but he was a person, & behind the sex and the drugs he was a real person, who had feelings, who felt, who was confused about everything like the rest of us. I know i did not know him, but would i have wanted to, yes. I would have loved to know him, to feel his pain which i knew he felt. Dawn i could tell meant so much to him as well as Sharon. I hope all of you see that he wasn’t some sicko, but he was something, don’t label him. And to all those murders up on Wonderlnad… R.I.P, to everyone that died that night, yeah they were criminals, but they did not deserve to loose there lives, and the fact that Eddie Nash still walks as a free man sickens me, he should have been the one to die that night, Not David or Ron or any of them. One day i hope to meet Dawn, i would want to ask her things, about John, about what happened, about who she was. Do you still love him?
    And i wonder, what woJohn be like if he was still alive, what would any of them be like.
    R.I.P John Holmes

    && R.I.P wonderland murders.

  36. mmorgan Says:

    Actual photos of victims and 8763 Wonderland at


  37. Carol Says:

    Haven’t heard from anyone in awhile on this website. Has Dawn’s book gotten published or will it be soon. Took a trip to California a while back and couldn’t resist the impulse to drive up Wonderland. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.

  38. Carol Says:

    My email address has changed and I want to be sure to get all the comments ffrom this website in support of Dawn and all that she has been through and accomplished. It is now carolcheb@hotmail.com.

  39. clarence Says:

    i think this wonderland thing is a crazy account of mistakes. wish it never happened and i all so think people that try reliving this tragedy buy asking questions like where are there pictures and where are they buried ect. is a good example of America going two shit in a hand basket..peace to the victims and survives

  40. Mary Says:

    God Bless you Dawn. I just saw the movie Wonderland. What a life you all had! There’s a reason you made it thru when others didn’t. Be glad you did.

  41. Movie Fan Says:

    As this is the “In Memorium” page I thought I would post here that on October 18 2006, Tracy McCourt, the last surviving member of the Wonderland Gang, passed away in Colorado Springs CO.

  42. Octavio Says:

    Hello i’m from Panama, and for years i`ve been reading about this horrible event that took place back in 1981….I just want to tell you that you are a very strong wonderful woman, i know i’ts not easy to live with this….but you are doing it and you have my eternal support!! GOD BE WITH YOU ALWAYS!!

  43. Chris Says:

    RE: Tracy McCourt

    I logged in online to read back issues of the Gazette newspaper which covers Colorado Springs/El Paso county, Colorado. There is no mention of Tracy Raymond/Ray McCourts death (although Ancestry.com mentions his death as well in October 2006). However (not a 100% sure this is the same Tracy McCourt) he lead an active “criminal” life the last ten years according to the Gazzette. This included stabbing his own brother in the throat and assualting his mother (the same brother died a few years later at age 46), having a warrant issued for his arrest for a scheduled II controlled substance. His mother died at the age of 73 in 2001 or 2003 and she enjoyed stained glass artwork and apparently Mr. McCourt had several brothers. His age at death would be about 57 or 58 years, sad that Eddie Nash is the only main player in the Wonderland Murders to live past the age of 60.

  44. Anna Says:

    I watched the movie for the first time last night. After is was over I was in complete awe. I just sat silently and thought about it for a while. This was a terrible thing to have happen to anyone. My prayers are with all who survived this horrible massacre. Dawn and Sharon especially. Your stories have touched my life in ways that you can never imagine. My cousin died almost 2 years ago, she was a victim of a quadruple homicide. There were drugs involved in her murder as well. It was devastating to get that news, I can’t imagine how the families of these 4 must have felt. Susan, you are one powerful woman to survive something like that. The damage is still very real I’m sure, but the fact that you know what really went down there, that is knowledge that lots of people never had. I watched the crime scene video on the DVD and was utterly stunned, shocked, digusted, disturbed, etc. at what happened there that night. For anyone who does or is thinking of doing drugs, this is a story that needs to be brought to their attention. If it has the effect on their lives like it did on mine, well they will never touch drugs again. I’m only 17 and seeing this made me realize just how horrible the world can truly be. My prayers are with you all. I hope you can find peace through God. He is what got me through. I know He can get you through it as well.

  45. Nurse Says:

    I’m 54 years old and I remember when Wonderland happened because I was in my own hell of domestic violence. On my birthday in January 1981, my boyfriend blew his brains out in front of me with a 9mm. I laid in bed for almost a year, drunk, and when the killings made the headlines I remember thinking that the world had truly gone mad. Remember, John Lennon had been murdered at the end of 1980.
    Of course my own world had revolved around drugs, alcohol and sex. It took 10 years for me to turn my life around. I’m now a registered nurse and I promised when I sobered up to try and give back some of the kindness that had been given to me.
    As I’ve read your story and watched the movie, it has been an uncomfortably close reminder of what I was and what could have happened to me. Fortunately, I too am a survivor, and I chose a better road. And when I think that I’m alone, I watch the movie and remember that there are other women like us.

  46. Carol Says:

    Dawn: Best Wishes once again. Going out west soon on vacation. It is very hard to avoid going up to Wonderland to see what’s left, but I’m trying to live like Sharon said in the movie (I hope they quoted her from real life), I’m putting all that bad stuff in a box and put it in a closet and never looking at it again, that includes vignettes from my own life as well. God Bless You and Sharon and Susan, wherever she may be………….Carol

  47. Cindy Says:

    I saw the movie “Wonderland” for the first time a few months ago and just realized I was in L.A. a couple months before this happened, hanging out with the party crowd. I ended up going to prison for 5 years in 1982, got out and totally changed my life. Stories like this one make me realize just how lucky I am to have survived, so many of my friends did not. To those of us that are not around to talk about it, Rest in Peace. Good luck Dawn.

  48. Jamie Says:

    John was truly a tragic figure whose story like so many other tragic figures still fascinates and will continue to fascinate for generations to come. What is truly tragic to me is the people whose lives are affected on a first hand basis by such tragic figures. Drawn in by charm, mystique or larger than life personalities, everyday people who don’t have the “gifts” suffer the most when led into the lives of these superstars. Dawn, I’m truly sorry for the pain you have suffered in your life, and your loss of innocence at such a young age. I hope you have or will find some sort of peace in your life. Now if I can just get Gordon Lightfoot’s song out of my head I can go to sleep and stop thinking about the horrific things that happened that night.

  49. Charlene Mocksing Says:

    Just a few days after the Wonderland Murders on July. 4, 1981, I happened to be at Disneyland, L.A. enjoying myself not even realizing about the tragic murders that took place a few days before. I was not too far from where it happened. I didn’t learn about it until several years later. But I’ve heard of John Holmes and and his involvement in porn films and that his reputation was very well renowed especially in the Adult film industry. Now with the internet and of course the movie, “Wonderland”, you can find out details of the tragedy and get more feedback on what migh’ve happened that day in 1981. I only know the movie’s depiction was very violent and in reality what might’ve happened to those victims. If John Holmes was there he should’ve come forth and tell of his invlovement. Of course, he’s gone now and we may never know the truth. The secret went along with him at his deathbed. I can only pray for the victims and their families. It was so tragic and senseless.

  50. algeron Says:

    well its July,2and wheres the up date here i had a lot of time to think about this wonderland deal and came two the conclusion that the wonderland gang made a big mistake bye not killing John after the robbery and they should have killed ever one at Nash’s …and i was wondering was ron really as mean as they say or is it B.S and where in the hell is dave i really dont think hes dead

  51. kt Says:

    Well, fuck everyone who had anything to do with those murders. Fuck them all. Barbara was one of my father’s girl friends back in the day. And fuck David Lind, who tried pulling a gun on him all those years ago in Rancho Cordova. Fuck them all. I saw a picture of Barbara that my dad had when she was maybe 16 or 17 in a field of flowers. She was beautiful. And fuck anyone who had anything to do with all that bullshit years ago.

  52. Joe Bannister Says:

    Dawn, what u went through at the age of fifteen is absolutely horrible and im sure that u have to live with it everyday. Drugs are extremely powerful and can make people do some terrible things. I hope that your life is treating u well now. I think that the movie really sent out a message and it really intrigued me. I know that hollywood likes to exagerate things but were they atleast close to explaining the actual events? Please let me know

  53. michele Says:

    where can i find the book four on the floor? thank you for any help

  54. lisa m. Says:

    Looking for your book dawn. Very interested.Also i’m extremely sorry for everything you and all the victims of that tragic night had to go through,and are still going through to this day .Take good care of you and try to be happy as much as possible because you never know what tomorrow will bring. I know about tragedy and if you ever need someone just to talk to,you can email me. You can find friends in all sorts of crazy ass places. Take care girl.

  55. Jenn Says:

    Dawn,I was wondering,who is Tracy?He wasn’t in the movie.

  56. Shawn Says:

    Hi Dawn, i really can’t believe everything that’s happened,
    i’m really sorry, i feel that no one deserves to die for any
    reason. so i was just at the Wonderland house yesterday. i
    was so interested to see it. i couldn’t believe it. it’s still the same
    i stumbled upon this website looking up the words “wonderland gang”
    i hope the best for you and your daughter. I’m also looking forward to
    buying your book. thanks.

  57. Jane Says:


    I see this blog has been going for approx 3 years.

    I personally want to give you a big hug. You are an extremely brave and amazing woman. I can see by the other responses, that I am not alone, in wanting to pass on good Karma and peace to you.

    I hope life treats you well, you certainly deserve it.

    I live halfway around the world and this story is still as real today as the day it happened. It is amazing that anyone is still around from that incredible time.

    You are a TRUE survivor.
    Jane :) :)

  58. susan Says:

    Hi Dawn, having watched the wonderland dvd i just wanted to say what brave women sharon and you are. And having been involved with a partner who did bad things myself I can understand how you must feel. Im glad you got your lives back together and moved on and i hope susan is doing well in her recovery. Best wishes to you all and enjoy your lives and keep smiling.

    love sus x x x :o ) tvgc

  59. Marty Says:

    Dearest Dawn,
    I am about your age and I remember nothing of this crime. I guess (as yourself) was too busy surviving. I, of course, knew who John Holmes was but that was it. I saw a preview of Wonderland last week and thought it was just another good movie, I looked it up on the net. I had no idea it was so complex. First, koodos to you and Ms. Sharon. I myself, am an abuse survivor. As a youngster, I wanted to be a criminal psychologist, so this immediately caught my interests,,,,The facts and accusations of this crime have totally got my attention. It just seems,,,,,,,so wrong,,,all of it,,,,I’m talking about the FACTS…..There really aren’t any,(as far as Johns involvement) accept for the facts that you and Ms. Sharon hold silent. Been there, done that. Some things are better left alone. I could never imagine having someone like Ms. Sharon in my life, who’s love and courage could overcome all, you are blessed. To get back to the irony of my curiosity, I happen to PURCHASE Wonderland on the anniversary of the murders(I had no idea at this point of the date). Things like this happen to me all the time. Dates and names come to me for no reason, so I look into my hunches.. I just felt the need to try and tell you, THANKS,,,,for being strong for all the unknown victims and survivors. I don’t know if write back personally or not but I would love to be put on your mailing list. Please stay safe and free in spirit and self.

  60. angela Says:

    hello dawn, i just watched the movie the wonderland murders although i heard about these murders years ago but never knew the story.
    i am so sorry for you and everyone who was a victim of circumstance in this and althought this is how the drug world is weather we like it or not its not fair that innocent people have to suffer because of it nor should anyones family go through anything this horrific.
    to everyone who lost something that day be at rest knowing that its not anyones fault but the ones who acted upon greed and your loved ones are in a much better place then this world that has lost any type of decency it once had a long time ago.
    my greatest sympathy goes out to you and everyone.

    may you always be blessed with the best in life and take care,

  61. Ryker Says:

    Hello Dawn. I lived in Los Angeles during the time of Wonderland. I might even have been to the house once or twice with my father. He was really into coke at that time in his life. It is very possible that I even met John. I found this on the net. It is a mix of a walk-through of Wonderland today and during the original crime scene.

  62. Daniel Says:

    A truly amazing tale, and I empathize with your suffering. I am the son of a needle junkie. its hard to love someone who is so selfish and destructive, but it doesnt make you stop loving them, all the same. in these moments of terrible crisis, there is a counterbalance. it is at these moments that our ability to survive, learn, and rise above, is truly proven


  63. RPTerror Says:

    Typical American self centered garbage. “I was born five days after…” “I was raised near there” Blah blah blah. Lets look at this objectively. All dirt bags. All living in the swill of full blown criminality and willingly participated in their own deaths. Stop with the self centered pretense of mourning these “people”.

  64. Elvis Presley Says:

    Here is the site where every one can view the Wonderland victims actual mug shots and pics:
    http://www.myspace.com/ron_launius_in_wonderland please show some respect, these were human souls, May they rest in peace, God bless

  65. brandi k Says:

    I am 31 and to c that movie scares the hell out of me.I do drugs and have been known to sell them.and my house has been broke into a few times.luckly I was at work.after seeing that movie…could that have been me.I have a abusive bf and don’t think my life will ever change.so for dawn I know how hard it must of been to turn john in.if u seen me on the street.u could never tell that I do drugs,so with that said…we all are not scum and dirtbags.

  66. yeah Says:

    great movie, I am obsessed with it… but remember they lived their lives to the fullest so hey some people stay off drugs and dont steal and die alone and miserable lonely and depressed with no adventure in their lives so hey if thats your cup o tea. my 2 cents. I especially feel bad for Barbara though. but RIP all of you.

  67. mr. mean Says:

    dirtbags, shitheads, scum, filth. The only people to feel sorry for are the coroner’s and such who had to clean HIV ridden filth up.

  68. Steve Says:

    RPTerror…thankfully, you are not the moral compass for which any of us should live our lives. I’m not sure what I would consider less desirable…a life of criminality and early death of my own making, or a life centered on the self-righteous judgment of others. I would certainly place those with sympathy for others, regardless of how undesirable you might judge those others to be, well above either the criminal or the self-righteous, far and away. Talk about self-centered pretense…your post and your attitude crystallize that idea in the most hypocritical fashion and the funny/disturbing thing is you don’t even recognize that fact. Very sad indeed.

  69. deb Says:

    its been forever but recently got introduced to these murders through a friend really looking for four on the floor book cannot find anywhere even libraries or little book stores really would love to give this book to a friend as a gift hes also been searching anyone have an old copy would love to buy pls email me debrabvasquez@yahoo.com thx
    p.s dawn look forward to reading your book already preordered it god bless u

  70. bogie Says:

    Back in the mid/late 1980s, I was finishing up at Eastern Kentucky University, and we had a guy on our floor who claimed to be Tracy Ray McCourt – and claimed to have been a part of this… Had a bunch of jailhouse tats, including some sort of Beatles thing on his chest (IIRC – might have been a different band). Had a serious rap for the (considerably younger than he was) ladies, and laid it on pretty thick… Could this have been the same guy?

    If so… Can’t say as I overly mourn him, but he did make life around him interesting…

  71. James Wynn Says:

    Ron Launius is an extremely interesting fellow…they should make a movie solely about him…during the Vietnam war he was with the U.S. Air Force, which is where he got hooked on drugs, and he was part of a covert CIA operation, to smuggle Heroin to the United States and to Europe, transporting it in the bodies of dead Soldiers…needless to say he got caught and scapegoated by the military and then court-marshalled and dishonorablely discharged…after getting back he went right back to selling drugs eventually in the mid 70′s his wife susan (portried by Christian Applegte) was kidnapped and held for ransom by the Baja Cartel, Launius came back to the United States and robbed two banks to get the $100,000 they demanded, then went to pay the ransom, after he got his wife released he systematicaly killed well over a dozen Mexican Baja Cartel members in the Sacramento area…he was also suspected of 27 additional murders…they should have included that into the story

  72. Kevin Says:

    I saw this movie and was intrigued by the characters and how I could see some of my friends ending up the same way. It’s sad but true and ever since I’ve seen this movie I stop to think about everything, and I mean every little thing. I can’t give out prayers because of my beliefs, But I can give out my heart to Dawn, Susan,Sharon and the others who lost their lives on the night of July 1st, 1981. I can do the same for all the others who had a tragic end of something that could have been so much better. I give my heart out to everyone who was victimized by this and have to let them know that they are always in my heart for opening my eyes in general. It’s good to see that someone did make it out, and Susan you will always be living for you will always be remembered in my heart. Sharon you are very brave for standing up to something that was so difficult to endure and watch something so close rise and become what John did. Dawn, I am in awe in the whole story and haven’t not thought of what you went through ever since I saw the film. May those who have passed Rest in Peace. Barbara, Ronald, Joy, and William. And Dave Lind, Where ever you may be, I’m Sorry for the loss you encountered,

  73. Daniel Says:

    I remember reading the murder story in when i was 17, i was consumned by the contrast of a “movie star” exposed to such violence. of course as a matured and particiapated in drugs i all to well understood why and how this can occur.
    i loved the movie have just purchased the your book and look forward to reading it.
    i am happy for you and especailly susan it is a miricle she survived.

    i am very proud for you getting your life back and wish you well.

  74. mary king Says:

    I knew Tracy MCcourt real well..He use to be married to best friend..They had divorced years ago..He died back in 2006

  75. Katie Says:

    The movie is great. Such a tragic story. I hope over the years you have found some sort of peace.

  76. Koos Says:

    From what the film portrays of the leading figures, Ron Launius comes across as a modern day cowboy and renagade, as does David Lind. Bad ass, to the bone, both men.

    John Holmes looked rather pathetic, but was probably a pretty cool guy when sober.

    Eddie Nash, a goddamn slimeball, in silk undies no less! What a prick.

    Glad to see Susan Launius survived the brutal attacks. (Were the all attackers negros? just wondering.) Sad to see Joy Audrey Miller portrayed in the film by that tart Janine Garofalo, or whatever the hell her name is.

    All in all, a great film….Would have loved David Lind to walk into Nash’
    s home at the end of the film and done to that bastard what Nash did to his girl.

  77. John W Says:

    I feel for KT, who posted that his dad knew Barbara in school. What a sad end, and she was with the wrong type of people and shouldn’t have been dating Mr. Lind. I watched my older brother hang with the wrong drug crowds in 1981 in Houston and it ruined his life. He is still an addict. He could have played college baseball if he wasn’t high all the time. “Drugs were cool”… whatever he would always tell me. Bullshit!
    My own uncle was a lot like Ron Launius, a real bad ass! But, you live by the sword and die by it.
    Good luck Dawn, you’re an angel darlin.
    John in H-Town, TX

  78. Prima Jean Says:

    I can only imagine the horror & the excitement you must have felt thru your journey with Holmes. I just watched the movie, ive always known about the Wondeland Murders, but people never think that the people involved, themselves are victims of this type of lifestyle. I am only 23yrs. & already trying to fix & piece my life together. I am so glad to have seen this movie and learn about you, because i myself have gotten myself in a not so savory lifestyle, and people dont understand that, it is not that easy to walk away from, & most times u find yourself not walking, but running away. Again, there’s the bound feeling of being wanted, loved and cared for which is the very same reason that keeps us around. The very hand that feeds u, can also be the very hand to strike u down. People also dont understand, that when drugs are involved, they too change the very dynamic of how our brain perceives things. I would love to know someone i can relate too, because i am the ONLY 1 i know, that has a child, on my own, & a recovering addict. I WISH YOU DAWN THE BEST BECAUSE I KNOW IT TOOK ALOT OF COURAGE TO RUNAWAY, & TO CHANGE & VALUE YOURSELF AGAIN. MAY MANY BLESSING’S ACCOMPANY YOU WITH THIS NEW YEAR.

  79. Prima Jean Says:

    I look foward to buying and reading your book. I would really like to know and feel about your journey in depth. I like to analyze and research things (odd hobby i know) but it makes me feel better that im not the only one, and it makes me feel EVEN BETTER to know that People can also CHANGE.

  80. Ronnie Says:

    Ronnie Lee Lanius never killed anyone.

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