The Road Through Wonderland’s First Review

Yesterday, I received my first review on my unedited manuscript from New York Times bestselling author, Lois Gresh.  For me, to write is an art, and many times the art was my only source of light in the darkness of writing  my story.

Thank you Lois,



The Road through Wonderland is a gripping and beautifully written memoir about Dawn Schiller’s teen years with John Holmes.  This riveting account moves the reader from Dawn’s impoverished beginnings in a rough neighborhood to a much worse life under the spell of John Holmes.  Drug addiction, sexual abuse, hooking and being sold for drug favors, suicide attempts, physical abuse that almost left her dead, psychological trauma, and being way too close to multiple murders:  Dawn endured far too much for any teenager.  This book is a firsthand account of Dawn’s descent into hell and her struggle to survive.

Lois Gresh, New York Times best-selling author of _The Twilight Companion: The Unauthorized Guide to the Series


4 Responses to “The Road Through Wonderland’s First Review”

  1. Brett Steenbarger Says:

    My follow-up of thanks for all your efforts:


  2. Andrea Pineda Says:

    I cant wait till your book comes out!

  3. yvonne99 Says:

    I have not read your book. However I saw the movie “Wonderland” . I was 28 years old, when the murders happen. I remember reading about it in the newspapers. I am so happy to know, that you are doing well, and survide that crazy life. Trust me, I can relate to your story. I am looking forward in reading your book. Thank you for coming forward, with this story. You are a brave woman. I raise my cup up to you Dawn. Godbless, and stay up.

  4. Dawn Says:

    Thank you so much. God bless you too. It was a horrible time and I am blessed to be where I am today helping others. Please let me know when you read the book.


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