Empowering Successful Teens through Education, Awareness & Mentoring (E.S.T.E.A.M.) Appeal

To all of you who have read my book, believe in me and have encouraged me on this long journey, THANK YOU!

It is my hope to continue to use my voice to help prevent teens from experiencing similar horrors to mine. As with any cause,
it needs financial support. For a one-time donation or a continuous gift of as little as $10.00 per month to E.S.T.E.A.M. you can help me:

*Take my presentation to at least 6 major US cities
*Recruit and establish an on-line mentoring team for the E.S.T.E.A.M. website
*Develop outreach materials to reach throwaway teen populations

Please visit our webpage at www.empowerteens.com. All donations are tax deductible.

Together WE can change the lives of teens and young adults.

With love,

Dawn Schiller

9 Responses to “Empowering Successful Teens through Education, Awareness & Mentoring (E.S.T.E.A.M.) Appeal”

  1. Tracey Says:

    Meeting you last summer was more than an inspiration.The awareness and education you have to offer, is a huge source of breaking the cycle.

    Our teens have the power to end this cycle.
    As survivors, we have the power to educate them.

  2. Kim Drew Says:

    You are fantastic! Such an inspiration to people of all ages. I’m 23, somehow came across your blog, not realizing *WHO* you are! I started connecting the pieces, and you are one amazing person. Congrats on your sobriety, that is a monstrous feat! Do they even make chips for that many years!?
    Take care,

  3. Dawn Says:

    Hi Kim,

    I am very humbled by your comment, thank you. Yes they do make chips for many multiple of years. I have written further about my experience in my memoir called “The Road Through Wonderland” available all over. If you are interested, of course.

    Again, thank you,

    Dawn Schiller

  4. Dawn Says:


    It was great to have met you too! Keep the faith, girl!



  5. Lani Bidlack Says:

    Hi Dawn!

    I just finished reading your book, I absolutely could not put it down. I can not even fathom what you have been through and I can’t imagine the courage it took to write it all down. What an amazing woman you are! Do you have plans of writing anything else? Thank you again for your inspirational story!

  6. John C. Says:

    Dawn, where can you buy your books at?


    John C.

  7. Dawn Says:


    It’s available at Amazon, B&N and various book stores. Thanks.

  8. andrew chiariello Says:


    Just finished your book. I was simply blown away by your story. You are
    an incredible woman to have survived such insanity. Will there be other books
    in the future?

  9. Barbara Kurth Says:

    I just found the book ” The Road through Wonderland” yesterday at the library. I’m only part way throught the second chapter and had to google you. Your Mom is from Amberg, Bavaria ! My Mom is from Amberg, Bavaria ! I was lucky enough to get to go back there with her three years ago and see this beautiful town and country ! I also was a teen runaway ! Don’t want to get to far into it here as it’s public. Just wanted to say I cannot wait to finish this book and to tell you that you are amazing. I about dropped the book when I read your Mom was also from Amberg ! Take care dear Dawn .

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