Hi Lesley, I just figured out how to put comments in their own catagories. I think this could make things alot easier for everyone down the line. So here is your question for reference:

hi dawn, I was wondering where is the book going to start, when your a teenager or older or is it going to be about your whole life. thanks, Lesley

This is a great question. I spent countless days and nights mulling over where I wanted to start my book. It is funny though, because initially due to the many interviews, documentaries and finally the movie Wonderland, I half expected for someone to approach me and ask to write it for me. (There actually was someone who wished to write it prior to the E! True Hollywood piece, but they proved unreliable.) I don't know why really, people talked about it, but no one really stepped up.

Then, on a day a couple of months after filming Wonderland, came a call from Val Kilmer. He explained that he and his business partner Ali Alborzi were in the process of creating photo collages of the movie and would I be so kind as to provide them with a simple timeline of John and my relationship, so they could better create and describe some of their pieces. Of course there was nothing simple about John and my relationship and the timeline turned into the beginnings of the book.

It was this timeline process and the end result of what the movie Wonderland would be on film, that made it very clear to me what needed to be told -- not only the missing pieces of the movie, but who I was.

I begin with the first couple of chapters describing briefly my childhood and the commonality of thoughts and interpretations children share. I talk about the important people in my life and the bizarre turn of events that would lead me to the doorstep of John's private home. It was important to me to describe how I was a girl, like many other girls, who although had some tough times in her childhood, never saw it coming. It was not only important, but necessary for me to relay certain events, that in hindsight are crystal clear signs that I needed help. For me, it had to be honest, because only the truth would speak volumes to those willing to listen.

Again, thanks for your question.

Blessings, Dawn