First, I would like to say thank you and welcome to the many people who have logged on to this site to inquire about my book, send good wishes, and to share their experiences and hope. My intentions for this site were to do just that and I feel I am truly blessed when I log on and read how some of you can relate on a personal level and how powerful it is to know that you can turn your life around and come out whole. When we all share, we are all inspired. On a side note I would like to say to those very, very few who have posted messages ...shall we say... of a negative nature, this site is not for that. If you feel a need to be judgmental, don't like what I have to say or doubt my words because you have read "somewhere" that I said something that appears a conflict, those comments simply will not be posted here. What I can say is that everything I post is the truth as I experienced it and at times I am simply not able to give more details because my agent won't allow it due to the book. There is nothing more to say here except...more will be revealed.

Happily, so far, I have mostly read genuine comments from the heart. We know who we are and we know the truth when we hear it. I cannot tell you how moved I am when I read the words of a fellow survivor. It is an indescribable feeling of freedom, joy and yes, victory. Somehow, all the pain of the past flashes before my eyes and I know it was for a reason -- it was for you. All of your voices, posted here on this simple site, tell me loud and clear that I am in the right place, doing the right thing and I thank you.

Peace and Blessings to you all.


P.S. My new computer arrives next week and I will finally be able to post more often. Thank you.