Premiere of Wonderland For anyone who might want a gander, I have been graciously given these two pics from the VKN people. Above is a group shot of the Wonderland Premiere. What an impressive group of actors! Standing next to Josh Lucas just before the shot, he looked down at me and asked, "Are you scared?" His meaning, I thought, was whether I was nervous about seeing the final version of the film. "Yes", I told him. Then afterwards I wondered if he might have meant if I was scared of all the people -- because the crowds were certainly overwhelming!

I don't know who took the picture below, but it is with Val Kilmer and Ali Alborzi (pictured) at Val's Wonderland Art Show in Santa Monica. It was amazing to see the turn out and the appreciation for the art, (I will be posting more information on the artwork very soon). The short-haired gentleman is none other than David Mamet -- writer, director of Spartan, a film in which Val was in the process of shooting the lead role. This was definately a more relaxed evening and tons of fun. Amazing things can happen in life, blessings abound. Who would have ever thought after such a terrible past, that I would be standing in the company of such talented, well esteemed people as an equal and a friend.

Enjoy and I'll try to keep more pictures coming!

Gallery opening of Val Kilmer and Ali Alborzi artwork inspired by the making of Wonderland