Dear All, The presents are wrapped, the cards are all sent, there are cookies for Santa and my daughter and I are dressed in our holiday best. I'm taking a moment before running out the door to begin the holiday rounds of food and good cheer to wish you all the brightest...THE BEST...this season...and year.

Okay, for some reason that came out like a sort of poem. It may have to do with hanging around a five year old, but I somehow think it is als0 the child-like part of Christmas in me showing it's colors, readying me for celebration. Who cares? ...I'm just gonna go with it.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you to all who have sent good wishes and shared your experiences with me. I wish you all so much love, peace and especially hope. I have so many wonderful gifts in my life today...miracles do happen.

My daughter is anxious, I've been on the computer too long. She's calling from the front door, ready to leave. "Come on Mom," she says, "just say Merry Christmas and let's go!" There is great wisdom in children.

Merry Christmas,