Hey all, Here is a somber post. A plea for prayers...please.

On the set of Wonderland I had the pleasure of getting to know the First Assistant Director, Luke Scully. He was mellow and kind, with many words and deeds that helped me cope with some of the harder shoots of the film. Sadly, he is among the many listed as missing in Phuket Thailand and today, after the family sent a private investigator, the news came back bleak. I hesitate to say anything final, except to continued the families wishes and focus on a shred of hope, asking anyone who may read this and is willing, to say a prayer, send a good thought, whatever you know how to do in a time like this, not only for Luke, but his family and girlfriend, Angie Foust. Angie was with him and is missing also.

Please, send those prayers and thoughts out...it is what we can do.