Bogged down for the past two weeks with taxes, contracts and lawyers, I haven't really had the time or the energy to sit and write anything that would make much sense, nor did I want to mention more of the worrying health issues that my little Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, was suffering. (Yes, she was named Tinkerbell many years before Paris Hilton named her Chihuahua Tinkerbell, thank you.) Ten days ago she had a very serious surgery and her heart murmur was much worse, but today she is recovering wonderfully I am more than happy to report. My friend Linda who has just recieved a clean bill of health after a terrible series of chemotheraphy treatments is well enough to call me again in the mornings making sure I have worked on my book the night before. Today she anounced she's throwing a "kicking cancer's ass" party in May when the weather warms up. "We are having a Mariachi (sp) band in the yard and a bar-b-que", she tells me then asks if I mind if there is alchohol there. "Good greif, no!" I tell her, thinking she should do as she damn well pleases and feeling glad that it truly doesn't bother me to be around people who drink. Hell, I'll probably do more dancing sober, I'm so happy for her.

My agent and I are on track and working hard again. I know some of you have been wondering about the status of the book and well, I can tell you that I have a great team together and the editing is going full force. I can't thank you all enough for your patience. Just thought I'd mention that.

So Valentine's Day is here and almost gone. I had a pretty nice one. Flowers and candy were delivered to my office by my husband. (He snuck in when I wasn't there.) My daughter drew me over ten pictures with her new colored markers after she and her class sang Valentine's songs to the residents at the local Retirement Center. The kids were so great to watch. My husband and I bought her the pink and yellow Power Ranger (the girls) for her gift and we had a blast watching her tear into the package.

You know, life still has me facing some pretty big curve balls right now, meaning that I have some scary situations going on that I prefer not to mention at the moment. But today was a good day and I want to wish you all the same and let you know that I am doing my very best to get my book written, written well and from my heart. It is what I think is worth telling.