After major surgery, our Chihuahua, Tinkerbelle, recuperates at home. With stitches down her belly and a nearly toothless grin, my daughter can't resist giving her the love she needs to heal by setting her up comfortably on her favorite quilt. I have always had Chihuahuas. After Thor, (my first that John and Sharon Holmes gave me), there has been Spike and today, my eleven year old girl, Tinkerbelle. "I'm afraid her tongue will hang out on the side from now on," the vet tells me. I don't care. It makes her more endearing to me, which is almost impossible seeing I have unlimited love for her and these tiny-large creatures called Chihuahuas.

Thor saved my life...many times over. The horrors that surrounded me back in the days of "John" were magnified 100 fold in his little eyes, yet he stood brave and resilient, ever faithful and ever protective of me. This may sound trite or silly to some, but in the world of hopelessness that I was in, Thor, a tiny Chihuahua, was responsible for giving me that one reason, that one connection to love that gave me the strength to get up again. Forever in my heart as an angel in disguise, I continue to honor Thor by taking care of our Tinkerbelle. Who, by the way, has the AKC registered name of "Thor's Fairy Princess - Tinkerbelle"

Tinkerbell resting