This evening marks the 24th anniversary since the Wonderland murders. On this night, those many years ago, it would be the last evening four of the five people would ever spend here on earth. Everything was going to be great according to John when he left to go out that night, but we all know it didn't turn out that way. Those four people never woke to see the sunrise again. All for what? A high? I spoke to Sharon, to let her know I love her and hope she can sleep tonight. "I'll be fine", she tells me. But she can never sleep on this night, so I know she'll be anything but fine. She will always be disgusted at the way John was involved, how he played a part in murder.

Thanks to Laura who made a comment here about how important it is to remember that the Wonderland gang, although very disturbed, were people too. That not only were their lives lost, but their families have had to endure terrible pain.

To Susan Launius who was left with the terrible wreckage of tragedy, may a world full of peace and blessings be yours.