Alright, I'm back. After being tagged by a an extremely bizarre person for the past ten plus months, I have decided to firm up my resolve and not be intimidated by the insanity of one sick individual anymore. To fill most of you in, a woman, (who shall remain nameless), made claims to have been involved, (hidden in the closet), during the Wonderland murders. She asserted also that many other events took place that coincidentally rang parallel to what I experienced with John Holmes. Originally, she made these claims on another message board, stirring up a small group of posters who took it upon themselves to ask me, here on this site, to help her as a fellow survivor. I was compelled, yet what I knew of her story was extremely suspicious and my instincts warned me to stay clear of her and the "demands" to help her. In time, her story grew in unbelievability as I discovered her feigning to be a sweet blogger who loves basset hounds, the Navy and anything else my mother loved and wrote about on her own personal blog site. A site that has nothing to do with anything except family. This was an absolute invasion and insult to me.

I'm here to say I'm glad I listened to my instincts. Due to some wonderful investigative journalists and private investigators, everything this woman said to anyone, (and under every name she hid behind), was documented, researched and tracked. I am pleased to say this person has been exposed as a fraud. The facts revealed that she is a severely disturbed person with a history of placing herself into crime scenes and suffering from multiple personality disorders. This Wonderland story, it turns out, was just another place she was trying to make home. My sincere thanks to those who took her on and brought the truth to light. If you wish to read more on this story, I would direct you to the new link on this blog at You may also find more information on the Wonderland gang and court hearings at this site by Rodger Jacobs.

So, friends. After a long spell of not really knowing who was a visitor with true intent on this site or a false presenter, I am now donning the war cry of Londoners and the world with respect to terrorism and coming back to post here without fear. This has indeed been the strangest of times.

Peace and blessings to all.