Checking in with everyone of you who so faithfully come to read here and let you know I am okay....barely. I have run out of energy. Too many projects, difficult writing and unexpected emotional turmoil lately to find the energy to write a coherent post here. My apologies. I'm keeping the faith though, there is no doubt of that, but it has been a tough few weeks for me. A dear friend offered a wonderful weekend at his ranch in New Mexico last weekend and my daughter and I gratefully accepted. We had our own cottage on the river, beneath the majestic rocks and spent the days meditating and riding horses. It was so wonderful, like stepping into a warm, scented bathtub that washed all troubles away. Hard to come back, but at least now I know I am still breathing...and will continue matter the heart aches, no matter the disappointments, no matter the..... Be well friends. I will try to do the same.