I'd like to share one of the poems mailed to me by Pat Green from Chicago who started a group called Y.A.S.O.  (Young Adults Speak Out).  This poem was one of many poems and letters written from teens who are trying their best to figure out life.  These kids have a voice!


Empty, broken-hearted and alone. I spend my life blasting music and trying to come up with a reason as to why everything must suck so much, and stressing out about what's going to happen next. My parents fight 24/7 and take alot of their anger out on my little sister and me. I'm hated by most and loved by few. Y.A.S.O. is the only thing I have to a real family and I only have that once or twice  a month. It's my one and only escape from stress and thoughts of suicide. The pressure of keeping what little things I have left is slowly killing me. What hurts the most is knowing I'm one of many. Knowing others have it the same or worse. And for those freaking out about boyfriend or girlfriend problems or why a couple people dislike them...appreciate what you do have. Because you never know, it could all be gone in the blink of an eye.