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Artwork - Val & Ali


Hey all, If you're interested, the wonderful people over at have posted an article that Sharon Holmes and I did recently. Some of you have been asking about it and here it is. It is in the December issue of their newsletter. I know that many of you are Val Kilmer fans and I think you will have lots of good reading from the devoted people who post over there.

Also! Very, very soon, I want to give you a heads up with changes coming on the official Val Kilmer site that is currently in the works. It's an all new design and content scheduled to be up and running before the end of this month. The link is and is also listed at the side of this blog. This one, I'm told, promises to be a glimpse into the creativity of the actor and if it in anyway reflects what I witnessed on the set of Wonderland, then we are all in for a treat.

Thanks again to everyone at VKN!


Check it out!

The amazing piece of art that lines the heading of this site, is a cropped section of a massive collage created by Val Kilmer and Ali Alborzi. It consists mainly of many different photos that were taken during the filming of Wonderland. This piece is also one of my favorites and without a doubt the most cathartic for me. It is called, "I'm So Sorry", aptly named because the entire thing is covered with the words "I'm sorry". Transformed through the eyes of Val and Ali, the familiar visual images of my past, and those simple words, engulf me in a powerful way. To me, for as long as this art exists, John's image will be offering his apologies and like a divine gift from beyond the grave, my heart is given a great measure of solace.

Thank you Val and Ali! You are good people.